• Get kolder… as a performer.


        • Shannon maintained a high level of energy that enabled her to sing, dance and play from start to finish, while remaining adaptable to unexpected circumstances. Shannon seamlessly transitioned back and forth from engaging with the children to meeting the needs of the adults in attendance.”
          – Jaime Kobin, Senior Events Manager, apple seeds

        • “Shannon is a unique and talented individual! Her acting, dancing and singing abilities are amazing. Students and teachers relate to her and follow her direction extremely well. Her ability to teach with conviction impresses both adolescents and adults. …Shannon is one of a kind!
          – Manuel L. Leybas, Director


        • “She not only works hard, but is fastidious to detail. Her constant quest is excellence and it is a pleasure to work with her as she is always prepared. She is self-motivating and takes direction well. Her work shows creativity and organization.”
          – G. Kim Freyermuth, Vocal Instructor


        • Shannon performed at my Daughter, Clementine’s 4th Birthday Party. She not only kept every kid’s attention the entire time, but she did so with an enormous smile on her face and amazing professionalism… Every kid’s birthday party should be as great as that one was, where the parents can chat eat good food and enjoy each other’s company while the kids have their fun too! Shannon allowed us to be very comfortable not paying attention to our munchkins for a couple hours! She kept the kiddies under control and fully into each activity she led them in. Clementine and all the kids absolutely loved her! She rocks!”
          – Peter, Happy Father of the Birthday Child


        • “Shannon is a vigorous taskmaster and handles herself with a firm resolve, pays attention to every detail and delivers nothing less than an optimal performance. She takes Direction, produces positive results and can apply herself towards meeting any deadline, focusing on the big picture, while paying strict attention to details. I would be happy and privileged to work with Shannon again in any capacity.”
          – Rob Pedini, Trainer/Director at StarQuest International



    • Get kolder… as a project manager.


        • Shannon is professional, hard working, and an absolute pleasure to work with!! I highly recommend her!!”
          – Livia Beasley, President and Founder, Women in Children’s Media


        • Shannon has been a vital part of the Special Events team for a number of years. She has worked as staff and as a volunteer for the department during the Sundance Film Festival. She brings many attributes to the table for us: organizational skills, managing other volunteers and staff, professionalism, attention to details and she always maintains calm under pressure. Shannon is a true pleasure to work with.”
          – Josie Franciose Special Events Manager, Sundance Institute


        • Shannon is a creative, proactive, and forward-thinking professional who continues to be helpful to me, and the IRTS organization, in assisting with our academic programs, corporate fundraising events, and our newly-formed fellowship alumnae council.”
          – Kathy Crawford, Former Director International Radio and Television Society


        • Shannon is simply an exceptional individual with many diverse talents, abilities, and skills. She is smart, dedicated, hard-working, and has a wonderful personality. I got to know and work with Shannon as her mentor and instructor in the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. From her work in this program, it is evident that Shannon is very intelligent, well-educated, and has strong critical thinking skills. She and her teamed conceived, researched, and developed a plan for a completely new business venture. I was very impressed by Shannon’s understanding of the business venture development process, her work ethic, her integrity, and her abilities to work in a cooperative team environment. She has proven that she is an exceptional, well-balanced, mature, focused individual with excellent leadership qualities. It was truly a pleasure working with Shannon.”
          – Jim Jindrick, Mentor in Residence, McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Arizona


        • “Shannon has many positive qualities to contribute to a team. She is extremely organized, shows attention to detail, volunteers to help any team member with any project and gives her full attention to a task until it is completed.
          – Bill Bradshaw, Former CMT Production Manager


        • The tasks she helped us with were tedious, sometimes boring and always time-consuming, but she never wavered. She just stayed positive with that smile and wit.”
          – Jon Nowak, Former CMT Researcher


        • Shannon Kolder is a multi-talented woman with exceptional skills in the art of telling stories… One indicator of Shannon’s creativity and leadership qualities is her degree program, the BFA in Fine Arts Studies (FAS), the most highly competitive degree program in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona. To be admitted to this degree, the student must justify and explain how three areas of study combine to create an intellectual, artistic career goal. FAS Proposals are rigorously judged and approved by the Dean of Fine Arts.”
          – Mary Beth Haralovich, Ph.D., University of Arizona Professor



    • Get kolder… with kids.


        • “Shannon is an extremely conscientious worker. She is insightful and forward-thinking, always pointing out suggestions for greater efficiency. She is punctual, detail-oriented, hardworking, responsible and organized. Her written assessments of our birthday staff members, as well as each of the parties, are always well written (in a teacherly way) and impressive!”
          – Jaime Kobin, Senior Events Manager, apple seeds


        • “Shannon has been hired for several positions with the City of Casa Grande over the years. She has maintained excellent relationships with her co-workers, her supervisors, and also the parents of our participants. She is very well respected in the community and has built a name for herself, particularly with her dance and theater experience, but more importantly, she’s just a great person. Shannon’s greatest strengths lie in her ability to lead people and be a team player. Shannon has a unique way of dealing with persons of all ages to accomplish the goals and objectives required of her.”
          – Mary P. Johnson, Former Director of Community Services, City of Casa Grande


        • Shannon takes great pride in the Theatre program and is passionate about ensuring that it runs the way it was intended to. She has had to train several new cast members during her time with us and her extremely good organizational skills ensure that the staff has a complete understanding of what is expected of them. Shannon is excellent at keeping me informed of any issues that I need to be aware of and has an incredibly thorough knowledge of all aspects of the Theatre programming. Shannon keeps the Theater looking immaculate at all times. She is a well-liked and respected member of the team. She always ensures that she is polite and friendly with everyone around her and approached each session with an incredible energy – which is not always easy when things get repetitive. She is highly organized and developed training schedules and several checklists to help make her life and the lives of the staff that she works with much easier.”
          – Shirrelle Pattison, Adventure Ocean (Children & Family Programming) Manager, Royal Caribbean International


        • “The Parks and Recreation Staff and I unanimously voted Shannon in for the position [of Dance Director]. Our Children’s Theatre is not a company for the stars, it’s for children interested in the arts, children who want to try something new and for children whose parents have forced them into it. With a diverse group of school aged children it would be easy to lose your cool, not Shannon. Shannon taught seven dance routines to forty children in one month. Not only did she teach the children, but she educated the staff on professionalism. My program was made easier for the staff, participants and myself due to Shannon’s professionalism, creativity and never ending smile. Shannon works well with the public in all age categories, from age 3 to age 73. Shannon Kolder would be an asset to any organization.”
          – Mitchell Manchaca, Formerly with City of Casa Grande Recreational Programs


        • “Shannon works extremely well with people of all ages …and brings a great deal of creativity and enthusiasm to our department. Shannon is very adaptable to any situation and deals very well with all children and parents.”
          – Shayla Gunn, City of Casa Grande Recreational Programs


        • “Both of my daughters really liked being around Shannon. She has a positive demeanor and much patience.”
          – Parent of two Dance Students



    • Get kolder… as a promoter.


        • “Shannon has been a joy to work with. As a consultant, she has provided extraordinary benefit to our office in writing news releases, managing projects (including brochures and web site revisions), and ensuring on-time delivery to clients. Shannon has consistently asked the right questions to enable follow-through on projects and has shown initiative in suggesting new ideas to help us improve our end products. She is also an excellent writer and researcher and has been very helpful in drafting press and web releases about events happening at the School.”
          – Jennifer Spencer, Former Director of Communications Fordham Law School


        • “Shannon worked at apple seeds (an all-in-one play space for families with children newborn to five) during the company’s first year of operation… she was instrumental in helping to develop the birthday program and promote a positive image of the company. She entertained guests, managed staff members and oversaw the flow of each party.”
          – Jaime Kobin, Senior Events Manager, apple seeds


        • I was very impressed with Shannon’s presentation to my classes for the Teach For America program: she is professional, polished and poised.
          – Ed Ackerley, Ed.D., Advertising Exec., Adjunct Professor in Marketing & Media Arts, Professional Speaker & Author